Who we are

Safe Power Products is ISI(Indian Quality Standard; BIS), ISO 9001:2015 (International System Standard) and CE (European Standard) certified company. We manufacture a complete range of modular electrical accessories with classy appearance, graceful design and best quality under the brand name "Orril". We look forward to provide safe, user friendly and innovative products to our customers by using cutting-edge technology and highly qualified and dedicated team.

Quality Standards

Key Features

ISI products

Our products are ISI marked, which means we do not compromise on.

You dream — we embody

Starting with the right idea

Every project we create starts with an idea, which eventually grows into a great design. But before it does, our team proposes several variants to choose from.

Developing the initial concept

After choosing the right design idea, our team members cooperate with you to create the initial concept, which will be a prototype of your final interior design.

Work on designing

After completion of the previous stage, we move on to implementing our project and creating a better design for your home or office.